A TikTok post which has garnered over 11 million views claims that it is able to help people get to sleep in as little as two minutes.

As reported by the Liverpool Echo the trick is known as the 'Military Technique', as it was supposedly formulated by the United States Navy Pre-Flight School to help pilots fall asleep in two minutes or less.

The way it works is by helping relax muscles all over your body, and then thinking of a calm scene once your body is relaxed.

If that doesn’t work, repeating ‘don’t think’ over for 10 seconds apparently does the trick.

Dave Gibson, from sleep wellness brand eve Sleep, spoke to the Liverpool Echo about if this technique was actually effective.

Cotswold Journal: The technique for getting to sleep quickly was supposedly taught to US Navy pilots (Canva)The technique for getting to sleep quickly was supposedly taught to US Navy pilots (Canva)

He told the news site: "This technique does to a certain extent makes sense, as by relieving any tension in your body, you allow both your mind and body to relax completely, which will certainly help with falling asleep. The technique advises using visualisation which tends to be a good way of focusing the mind away from the stresses of the day.

"However, if this isn’t working, the next piece of advice is to repeat the term ‘don’t think’, which won’t work for everyone. Why? Because switching off your mind and actively trying not to think can be difficult and isn’t something one can do with ease.

"The idea of repeating ‘don’t think’ also seems counterproductive, as by saying it, your mind will likely do the opposite due to the pressure of trying not to do it.

"This technique would certainly take some practice and likely will not work the first time, but if you do manage to crack it, maybe don’t expect to be asleep in 10 seconds. This seems a little too optimistic to me!

"If you do want to give this hack a try my top tip would be to adapt the technique by breathing out longer than breathing in, as it helps slow down the heart rate and relax the nervous system," he added.