Hordes of fans are once again descending on Diddly Squat Farm Shop after its reopening on the same day Clarkson's Farm Season 2 - one of the most watched shows in the UK - was released.

So today I went along to see what keeps drawing people to the Cotswolds tourist attraction.

Arriving at Diddly Squat Farm Shop at the opening time of 9.30am on a grey Sunday morning, I assumed there would be few or even no one there.

But the car park was already full with people already forced to park on the grass verge.

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And as I got nearer the site I was amazed to see there were probably 100 people already queuing across the field.

A chalkboard estimated the current wait time to get into the shop was two-and-a-half hours.

But all the time the queue was constantly growing so I quickly joined the back of it.

Shuffling round we entertained ourselves reading the hundreds of messages people from all over the world have scribbled on the side of the barn wall.

There are hearts and jokes from fans from Sydney Australia and Lithuania, the Wirral, Barrow, Fulham, Wrexham.

One wag has scribbled: Meghan Wasn’t Here.

It was slow progress but after 45 minutes we were close to the entrance to the shop and could almost smell the Smells Like My B******s candles.

After one hour and five minutes, we were at the threshold of the shop and it was 'this is it!'

Unfortunately once inside, it was more 'is that it?'

Cotswold Journal: Visiting Diddly SquatVisiting Diddly Squat (Image: NQ staff)

I’ve actually been inside before and it’s rustic and Cotswoldy but it’s tiny and so that means yet more queuing and shuffling once you’re inside.

There’s a very Clarkson sign on the barn as you approach the shop: "I'm from Yorkshire and therefore don't like spending money.

That's why the Diddly Squat Farm Shop isn't big enough and because it's so small, that's why you're not standing in a queue, reading this.

"I'm so sorry. But I promise we have plans to do something about it, so the next time you come, everything will be better."

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It is clear they never expected it to get this big. I wondered if all these visitors knew the spacious Daylesford farm shop was a mere eight miles away.

But then that’s not owned by a man with a record-breaking TV show on air.

And it doesn't actually sell a lot. There are pork pies, honey, chutneys, some veg and cheese, sourdough bread all made by brands recognizably from the area.

You may have heard about This Smells Like My B******s Candle plus there's Jeremy’s Sausage and new T-shirts which say I Am A F****r – farmer of course.

I picked up a £4.45 bottle of apple juice and a can of alcoholic ginger beer which was about £2 - not sure as they didn’t give me a receipt. However, the apple juice is really delicious.

Cotswold Journal: Cars parked on the vergesCars parked on the verges (Image: NQ staff)

But having queued for over an hour for a Jeremy Clarkson gift shop what I really wanted was a tea towel or a T-shirt.

And when I got to the counter I was told they can’t sell merchandise.

Apparently that is covered in Season 2 but as nearly everyone is here for the experience, or to buy some Diddly Squat merchandise, I just hoped those people who've driven miles have remembered that episode too.

Having finally got my purchases I headed to the back of the building where there's a bar serving Clarkson's own excellent Hawkstone beer - and another queue but shorter.

There are also picnic tables where you can enjoy fantastic burgers from the Baste burger van enjoying the music being played in the bar and drinking in the wonderful view.

Cotswold Journal: Messages crawled by those visiting who were queuing Messages crawled by those visiting who were queuing (Image: NQ staff)

The site is probably still worth a visit for that rather than the shop.

Even so it looks like the hundreds coming to visit the farm shop from all over the country won't be stopping anytime soon.

The Brits love a queue and for the fans it's a Mecca.

They cling to the hope that one day Jezza just might turn up too.

And at these prices perhaps he should.


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