We welcomed two visitors to our meeting on 5 July – Ian Rendall of Pershore who we hope will become a member and Arek who had addressed us some two years ago about life in Poland.

Bob Young then had a rant about road resurfacing before President Grenville Burrows commented that with only one exception, members had forsaken their customary ties.

Our speaker this week was Ray Aspden who spoke about the paper comics of yester-year leading up to those of today. He described the origins of the comics, the outstanding skills involved and the art that was displayed.

We all recognised the cultural icons of Desperate Dan, Dennis the Menace and the Bash Street Kids as well as the less obvious but hugely important secondary detail included in the images.

At the end of his presentation, Jim Cox, Bill Underwood, Bob Young, Jeff Jones and Grenville Burrows all had questions and comments for Ray which demonstrated how interesting we had found the talk.

John Cotton thanked Ray on our behalf for bringing back many happy memories for us.

On 19 July John Bromley will present Heraldry. Do join us. See www.eveshamprobus.co.uk for details.