The May Meeting of the Friendship Centre was held as usual in the Village Hall at Peopleton, the speaker was Ray Apted He gave a talk on a discussion with one of our local magistrates He made it very interesting and enlightening. The Chairman reminded us that the next meeting will be the AGM when we will be voting in a new committee for the coming year. The majority have said they are willing to stand except our Carer who unfortunately is unable to continue this year Lois Quigley has agreed to take her place. We will not put voting papers out on the tables but we will vote with a show of hands at the AGM. The Chairman also asked for someone to become the Secretary , because we have been without one for the past 3 years which has made life difficult. Subscriptions of £6 are due and the programme for the rest of the year will be issued. Instead of the Speaker there will be a Social Meeting , with free tea and coffee. We are a friendly group and welcome new members and visitors, for more information ring Pauline on 01905 458 458