Our speaker on May 31 was Chris O'Loughlin who started by outlining some medical developments in 2017 which followed up his talk on this subject last year. He then summarised some important developments in technology starting with solid state batteries developed at the University of Michigan which will be used by Sir James Dyson for an electric car now being developed. He explored the problem of energy storage when electricity generation exceeds demand and how this is being solved. Floating wind turbines were shown which solve the problem of countries like Japan whose seas are too deep for conventional turbines with foundations in the seabed. He reminded us how energy consumption of lighting had been revolutionised with LED and how energy transfer systems for buildings were reducing consumption. With battery price decline predicted and the payback on solar panels improving, it seems we have no need to worry about an energy crisis.

This was a thought-provoking presentation with an upbeat message which was very welcome in these uncertain times.

We meet at 10am every Thursday at The Boathouse, Evesham Rowing Club. Our speaker on June 7 will be Matthew Sproston on the subject of Victoria Wood and on June 14 Brian Partridge says "You Cannot be Serious!" Full details can be found on our website www.eveshamprobus.co.uk.