OUR new chairman, Mike Cook,was pleased to see so many present at this important club meeting,the last one before our annual Open Gardens. It was nice to see so many new members. Alison reminded everyone that coaches had been booked and monies were now due for the trips.

Our speaker for the evening was Richard Baldwin, who had been the Senior Crop Production Officer at Pershore Horticultural College. He had a vast knowledge of the commercial expertise needed to grow crops on a large scale in sustainable ways. He talked generally about popular new crops eg. microveg and explained some new methods of growing. Aquaponics is the use of living fish to fertilise the water used on the food crops.

Our talk was entitled 'Vegetable Growing in the Small Garden' and he proceeded to show us how to get the best crops in small spaces.His

slides of different shaped containers overflowing with abundant crops were amusing and educational. Richard had planted up wellingtons and

even his old trousers as well as the more traditional pots and planters.

We were amazed to see the 'Plant Swop' table overflowing with seeds and healthy young plants and a good buzz of discussion as members engaged in the swopping. A very successful event as all the plants found new homes.

May will be a very busy month for our club as we are preparing for the Bretforton Open Gardens on Sunday, June 3. This event promises to be a

fun day with many beautiful gardens especially the Bretforton Manor Gardens were refreshments will be available.Take part in a quiz as you

wander round the village and watch out for the scarecrows.

Tickets will be on sale at the Manor and the Ark village shop. Entry price adults £5, children free.Open from 11am-5pm. www.bretforton-gardenclub.co.uk

Interested in joining our club? contact our secretary Barbara Jenman on 01789 720514 or barbjenman.bj@gmail.com