Pyramids, sphinx and temples featured in a marvelous video we were treated to at our meeting on 26 April.

Fellow member David Senior presented the video he had created of his epic 1992 Egyptian adventure when he had cruised the river Nile. He accurately captured all the world famous sites in great detail, as well as Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria.

How the enormous stone edifices were assembled thousands of years BC, without hydraulic lifting gear, simply beggars belief. It also beggars belief that the early Christians had destroyed much of the historical structures.

The quality of David’s video demonstrated his ability as a researcher, producer and director. Andy Richardson thanked David on our behalf and led our applause.

After the meeting members adjourned to All Saints Church to attend the funeral service of Derek Bunker who had been a Probus Club member for many years.

On 3 May, Jan Long will present ‘A passage to India and Over the Dome’ and then on 10 May, Bob Skelt will talk about ‘Spies in History’.

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