On April 19, David Howe gave an excellent talk about the scriptwriters Frank Muir and Denis Norden. It was aptly described by our Vice-President, Bill Underwood, as an enjoyable gallop through nostalgia. They were a complementary pair. Frank was flamboyant and Denis was quiet and self-deprecating. Perhaps the most surprising fact was that they treated scriptwriting as a job, commuting to premises off Regent Street to work regular hours. We were reminded of many catchphrases and shows they wrote for and, inevitably for an older audience such as ourselves, their subtlety with words was compared with the comedy scene of today. Our speaker gently reminded us that every generation enjoys things that their parents would have disapproved of.

On April 26 our member David Senior will be cruising the Nile and on May 3 the title of Jan Long's talk will be A Passage to India and over the Dome.

We meet at 10am every Thursday at The Boathouse, Evesham Rowing Club. Full details can be found on our website www.eveshamprobus.co.uk