The Evesham Arts Centre Theatre was the venue for our Open event held on Wednesday 4th April - when we welcomed Mrs Lucy Ellis as our Demonstrator, with her demonstration entitled ‘Fusion’. What an evening she gave us!

Lucy spoke of the fact that ‘we are all made of stars’ - their fusion being a form of power energy. Within floral art, the skill lies in a contemporary approach to give a fusion of energy and colour. Lucy’s designs were modern and intuitive - and helped us to see her interpretations as yet another means of creating beauty.

The first creation was comprised of Anastasia yellow chrysanthemums set into a long low shape of foliage including blue spruce, Viburnum davidii and Choisya on a stand of twisted silver coloured branches. With the sun being Earth’s nearest star, these chrysanthemums represented the sun and their colour was interspersed with cream carnations and spray chrysanthemums.

Above this long arrangement Lucy added a long curved branch, through which were threaded some yellow Calla Lilies (native to South Africa). A spray glue was applied along the length of chrysanthemums, then dusted with star glitter. So imaginative!

Each design had its’ own particular piece of music played following its’ completion - this was ‘We are all made of stars’, written by an American musician Moby (Richard Melville).

In total Lucy worked on six designs, each having their own title and flowers according to her interpretation; ‘Fusion’ was next, followed by ‘The Waterfall’. Three more designs followed these.

‘Fusion’ was an interpretation relating to the Hadron Collider - the world’s largest and most powerful particle collider (some 17 miles around and based near Geneva in Switzerland) - the most complex experimental facility ever built and the largest single machine in the world. It recreates the conditions that existed just after ‘The Big Bang’ 13.7 billion years ago, when Energy converted into Mass at the moment of collision.

(Einstein’s theory: E = mc2).

Back to the floral interpretation, Lucy used a round circle of interwoven plant material which she had sprayed purple, and from this radiated out long branches of Contorted Willow which had been sprayed gold. These represented the ‘Big Bang’ explosion.

Radiating out centrally from this were Phoenix palms, Leather Fern, Leucadendron ‘Safari Sunset’, carnation ‘Moon Aqua’, Veronica Smart Enjoyce, mini Gerberas, Anthuriums and some beautiful Proteas.

Lucy Ellis proved to be a very innovative and knowledgeable Demonstrator who had carried out her research extremely well. She also provided many interesting snippets of information for her audience. The whole evening was a delight and thoroughly enjoyed.

The vote of thanks was given by Mrs Katherine Kear, Chairman of the Three Counties and South Wales Area of NAFAS. This was followed by a raffle of all Lucy’s wonderful arrangements, plus an additional small raffle provided via the Offenham Floral Art Society - before the evening finally ended at 10pm.

We will be back at the Offenham Village Hall for Wednesday 2nd May - when our Demonstrator for that evening will be Minh N.T.N Lane with her demonstration entitled ‘East meets West’. Doors open at 7pm.

The Club competition is ‘Oriental Charm’ plus the ‘flower of the month’ competition. Refreshments will be served as usual. The evening will start at 7.30pm - though any competitors should have their entry set up by 7.15pm so that judging may take place.

Membership is £20 per year; Visitors at £5 per visit; £2 cost to Members.

Do please decide to come along and join in the fun! It would be lovely to see you there.