THERE was a good attendance at our March meeting when we had a talk by Francis Hopkins and Wayne Aston on Care and Repair (a not for profit organisation). Firstly Francis informed us of how people needing aids and adaptations to their homes, whether following discharge from hospital or mobility problems, can get help, following referral from the GP and assessment by an Occupational Therapist. Grants are available, are means tested, and available for those on certain benefits or low income.

Wayne Aston went on to explain how home owners can also get help with repairs and adaptations by self-funding if able to afford it or with

assistance from grants if need be. He also advised the audience of the different ways Care and Repair can assist with advice, information and other aspects of any work that needs doing. Care and Repair can be contacted on 01684 579456.

Evesham Older People's Forum is looking for a volunteer willing to train as an Extend teacher for our very successful exercise (Movement to Music for the over 60s and the less able) classes. If you would be interested please contact Jennifer Johnson on 07497 550507 or on e-mail