Our recent Club meeting took place on Wednesday, February 7, when our demonstrator was Wendy Lawrence.

Entitled ‘Fiddle Faddle February’, it certainly helped us to think of the many ways in which containers and accessories might be used.

Her first arrangement was comprised of pussy willows, sprays of rosemary, sarcococca (also known as ‘sweet box’),narcissi/paperwhites, blue hyacinths and assorted foliage.

It made for a welcome start to Spring - set into a rectangular wooden box. A second similar arrangement followed the first.

Wendy used a flying-saucer shaped glass vase for her next design; creating a circular arrangement of white stocks, pale yellow carnations, white ranunculus and white freesias - interspersed with whole lemons set onto barbecue sticks to add depth to the overall effect.

Another design was made up of soft green orchids set individually into glass seahorse shaped glasses. These were attached around an upturned basket frame - then this in turn was set onto a cocktail-shaped stand made from heavy duty wire. It was just so original in its’ design, and could be adapted in a variety of ways.

Another stunning arrangement used a large piece of an old log, split into two parts and artistically arranged, with pure white lilies set with aspidistra leaves.

Wendy created a Valentine’s Day design as another crowd-pleaser. Set into a traditional urn shape, she incorporated soft grey foliage and skimmia japonica with three types of deep red roses, spray roses in a deep pink-red, alstroemeria and red carnations. The completed arrangement was further decorated with heart shapes on sticks. A heart-shaped red shallow box filled with red roses and carnations was set in front of this.

Finally we had ‘Mardi Gras’ - in France this celebration falls on the same day as our Pancake Day, 7th February. Wendy made use of a beautiful gold-sprayed deep urn shaped container - set inside with LED lights. The colours used for this traditional triangular arrangement were purple, gold and green - with stocks, lisianthus, pink spray roses, alstroemeria, purple tulips and chrysanthemums (the Anastasia variety) as her flowers. What a wonderful end to the demonstration!

All of Wendy’s beautiful arrangements were then raffled to our appreciative audience - after which the competition winners were announced, followed by refreshments.

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