FIFTEEN members and guests were given hints and tips on self defence at the meeting in January. Tori Richardson and her long suffering husband Rod, who played the attacker, showed us what to do if we are ever in danger of being attacked by someone. Following this, there were also some practical exercises in how to escape attackers. We all went home feeling much more prepared. Although the threat in our village is minimal and we hope never to need the knowledge, it is good to know that we should be able to cope. Biscuits, coffee and chat followed before we headed home .

You don't have to live in Defford to join us. We meet at 7.30pm on the second Wednesday in the month at Defford Village Hall. Come along and see what we get up to. Bring a friend, or come on your own and make some new ones. On February 14 we will be learning how to make gift boxes.

For more information, ring Patti on 01386 556390.