Marjy our President welcomed 8 guests and members to the November meeting and after business, the speaker was welcomed. James Boardman is a professional photographer who is passionate about the wild and unspoilt areas of the planet. His talk, “From the Arctic to Africa” included an audio-visual presentation with short video films and suitably dramatic music as well as still photographs, which created a wonderful atmosphere.

The first section was concentrated in one of the coldest areas, namely Iceland. The landscape is truly dramatic; volcanoes, rock formations, glaciers and icy waterfalls. James had photographed many of these features during the “aurora” which leave the landscape bathed in an incredible light of eerie greens and yellows. The quality of James` photography is amazing – he told us that early in his career NASA who wanted to use his shots had contacted him and he also has had work printed by the National Geographic and other organisations.

By contrast the second half of the talk moved us to Namibia, which possesses some amazing animals and birds. Close ups of elephants and seals – very difficult to capture on film and wonderful formations of enormous sand dunes and wild desert were very striking.

The final images were totally different but equally fascinating. It was a series of shots from Moscow’s underground, which has some very individual and beautifully built stations.

Judy Templeton gave James a huge vote of thanks for such an entertaining evening.

We then enjoyed delicious refreshments supplied by members.

Before Christmas we are looking forward to a visit to a ballet, the Vale carol service, and several members are going to the WFWI visit to Waddesdon Manor for a Christmas fair. The next meeting in December is a festive meal on the 6th and we begin 2018 with a meeting on January 9th with a talk by Roger Workman and also a discussion on the new resolutions. All welcome.