At our meeting on October 24, Sue Sollis was the speaker. Firstly she spoke about her daughter Tracy and how close they had been and enjoyed playing in a band and taking part in all sorts of activities together.

After being diagnosed with leukaemia, despite a bone marrow transplant, Tracy passed away in 1995 at the age of 15. Those of us who have lost a child know how devastating that loss can be, but Sue has remembered her daughter in such a positive way and helped many others in the process.

She went on to tell us about her trip from Land's End to John O'Groats on a moped. The journey took her three weeks, stopping off at Tesco supermarkets en route to collect money for the charity she had founded, the Tracy Sollis Leukaemia Trust. Sue told us about having to find bed and breakfast accommodation along the way and about the people who took her into their own homes and about some of the people who donated money and items for the trust. It was quite an emotional moment when she spoke about one young boy who had handed her £100 and asked if he could have a picture by her scooter. She told us about leading a large group of bikers into one town and how generous they had been in donating to the funds and about a music shop owner who presented her with a rather battered black leather bag containing a cornet. Sue then surprised us all by taking the corner out and playing a verse of "It's a long way to Tipperary", what a talented lady! She finally arrived in John O'Groats and had raised a considerable amount of money en-route.

Finally, Sue showed us some photos taken on her journey and complimented the people of the Evesham area for the help and support they have given her over the years. She is an inspiration to us all.