MEMBERS and visitors were welcomed back following our summer break. July had seen members enjoy a garden meeting when hats and shady trees were needed and August saw members enjoying a visit to Gloucester Cathedral and the Quays – again on a gloriously sunny day. Various dates were given to members including our Christmas Meal, Christmas Carol Service, Trip to Waddeston Manor, a soiree evening at Hartlebury Castle and an evening to learn how to operate our Village Defibrillator. Names were taken for our next skittles match.

Our speaker was then introduced, Eileen Brown, and her subject ‘Making Cheese’. Eileen told us of her upbringing in Darlington, her time in the Merchant Navy as a navigator, and eventually joining the WI and the cheese making all started following a course at Denman College. This inspired her to continue making cheeses at home and, with a screen presentation, she took us through the process. Full cream milk is used and controlling the temperature is important. Eileen uses a vegetarian agent to start the cheese but certain cheeses are not vegetarian – Feta and Parmesan being two examples. Yoghurt was also mentioned and she said how easy it is to make. Bacterium influences the taste of the cheeses. Mould was fine except if it had a brown/yellow colouration. After a few questions and answers, Eileen was thanked by Gill Proops for such an interesting and fun evening. Gill had met Eileen whilst on a different Denman course. Eileen left us with seven different cheeses to taste and many bottles of whey, which is the product left over from cheese making. She encouraged us to make soups with it.

Christina and Jan provided the teas and coffee, Cecelia won the monthly flowers, and our competition, something ugly, had joint winners with their entries – Maureen Fletcher and Gill Proops, Christina Bacon second followed by joint thirds.

October meeting - our speaker will talk to us about clocks/watches, new members and visitors welcome.