WHEN I last wrote a piece for 'Grassroots', it was to indicate that Kerry Artess would be our Demonstrator at our next meeting on 6th September.

Well, that day seems to have been and gone in an instant! Kerry came to us from Birmingham:- with her evening's demonstration entitled 'Oranges and Lemons', it proved to be very enlightening, relating as it does to some of the many churches of London and the nursery rhyme chanted by children as they play the game of Oranges and Lemons. In the rhyme the last three lines - 'the great bells of Bow' were used to time the executions at Newgate Prison.

Kerry was able to interpret this nursery rhyme into some interesting arrangements - using a variety of foliage and props, together with gerberas in orange and yellow hues, delphiniums, some beautiful roses, gladioli, Chinese lanterns, white lilies and stocks to create arrangements which not only looked good but which provided food for thought.

Following on from the demonstration these lovely arrangements were raffled off to our audience, and were well received.

We then had the results of our own Club competition, and it was interesting to see the variety of leaf manipulation which showed within the various arrangements. It was also good to see the different flowers still available in our gardens, as demonstrated in our 'flower of the month' competition. Great fun!

Our next Club meeting will take place on Wednesday, 4 October at 7.30pm in the Offenham Village Hall. Our Demonstrator then is to be Ms Emma Remington - with her demonstration entitled 'As We Go Down To The Woods'. Our own Club competition is called 'Out of this World' and there will also be the competition for 'flower of the month'.

So - why don't you pay us a visit? New members are always welcome, and you can always come as a visitor in the first instance. It would be lovely to see you.