FOLLOWING our recent meeting, Ray Sturdy returned to give us a talk on his bike ride to raise funds for Mencap. The ride involved 300 miles, including the Ring of Kerry, Mizzenhead, Dingle and many other beautiful spots in Southern Ireland. Ray did the trip in the autumn when the roads were quiet and no crowds around. Slides included many posters of Irish humour.

Last week we went on a day trip to Birmingham jewellery museum. We had a guided tour which showed us, what we would now consider horrific working conditions. The jewellery quarter is a place of unique character with many workshops and residencies 200 years old, it feels like stepping back in time. The area is home to the Birmingham assay office which is the largest site for testing and hallmarking precious metals in the country. The area still produces the largest quantity of British made jewellery.

During the afternoon we went on a one hour trip along the canals it was a really enjoyable day out.