Fortunately there was no-one suffering from chiroptophobia at the Eckington WI September meeting. They would not have enjoyed the talk from Aidan Marsh; it was all about bats! Aidan provided interesting insights into the activities of bats, their life cycle, their habitat and the need to mitigate disturbance of the bats when either building or renovating buildings. So for those of us who are not chiroptophobic, it was a really good talk (okay - you probably guessed but in case not, chiroptophobia is a fear of bats). After a break for refreshments, business commenced with members being reminded of upcoming events including the new Craft sessions starting at the end of the month, the coffee morning, WI Lunch Club at The Swan as well as advance notice of the Christmas Lunch at Whistlers. Our next meeting is October 4 with a members only Harvest Celebration. For more information, follows us on Facebook or visit our website at