On Tuesday, August 22 we held our Fish and Chip Day, followed by bingo.

The food was piping hot and delicious and was followed by tea and coffee. Afterwards several games of bingo were held which caused much amusement amongst many of the people who later commented on how much they had enjoyed having a laugh. During the school holidays many of our members are looking after grandchildren or going on holiday, but we still had a good attendance. The usual raffle followed with prizes donated by members, for which we are always very grateful.

A trip to Witney is planned for Tuesday 5 September and one of our members will lead a guided walk round the town for those interested. The town which is famous for its woollen blankets and other items has probably seen fewer sales since the advent of the duvet. Those members who don't wish to do the walk will find other things of interest to do and it is hoped it will be a fine autumn day.

We will be having some interesting speakers at our meetings on September 26 and October 24 at 1.30pm at the Town Hall, so please feel free to join us.