A MOST entertaining talk was given at the last meeting by John Butterworth of his interesting and varied experience as journalist and editor. Not sure of what career he wanted, he applied for an interview to choose candidates for a job as a reporter with the Daily Mirror. With two nights at a good hotel he thought it a good outing, so was surprised to find himself accepted and sent on a training course. So he became a journalist, working on several newspapers as well as later starting his own, one of the first free, newspapers, the Brunswick and Droitwich Advertiser. Although this meant working any time day and night, he realized the power of the Press, such as forcing the Council to erect crash barriers on a dangerous piece of road.

Meeting famous people was also part. of the job, as was the chance to travel to parts of the world unknown to outside. This included Albania and China, both closed at the time to all other countries. He also travelled with seven other people in an old Land Rover for 85000 miles throughout Nepal, on a mission to treat outlying areas for leprosy, before returning to England to an editorship in Shrewsbury.

There is no meeting in August. The next meeting will be on September 26, 2pm, in the Townsend Hall, when Martin Blakeman will speak on the Gordon Russell Museum.