OUR President, Jennifer Williams, opened the meeting with the news that the auction in May to raise funds for our centenary year had realised the grand sum of £73.15. After Jennifer had updated us on forthcoming events, Morag Ford advised us that we were doing well for recipes for our cook book and Mavis Miles reported that we had had a very successful skittles season, winning all but one of our matches. The good news continued as we learnt that, at the grand age of 99, we had now joined the 21st century with our own email address and website! Liz Morris is working on the latter and asked members to let her have any suitable pictures or items of news. Finally, we were pleased to receive an invitation from our twin WI in Wythall to join them for a light buffet and entertainment in October to celebrate their birthday.

Our speaker for the evening was Gabi Gogan from the British Red Cross on the subject of everyday First Aid. The Red Cross are currently running a campaign called #learnandshare “I can save a life, so can you” asking people to make a pledge to learn and share first aid skills that could help save a life. Gabi explained to us that even seemingly small measures can save lives and we can all learn how to do some simple things that could make all the difference. She also mentioned the Bystander Effect - it is shocking to think that people will pass by a collapsed person, or stand watching, but once someone steps forward and begins to help, others usually respond in kind. It is important, though, to remain safe - but even in a potentially dangerous situation you can still call 999. Another fear Gabi dispelled for us was that of being sued - if you do what you could reasonably be expected to do (e.g. break a rib during chest compressions) no-one has been successfully sued in the last 10 years (known as the Good Samaritan law).

On the practical side, Gabi showed us how to help someone having a heart attack (sit them down with their back supported and knees up, feet apart—call 999) and the symptoms of a stroke = FAST: Face (one side may look affected), Arms (if they raise their arms, one will usually drop down), Speech (may be slurred or not make sense), Time (to call an ambulance—even if only one symptom is presenting). In addition, we learnt how to deal with someone who has collapsed and is unresponsive and had the opportunity to practise chest compressions and master the use of a defibrillator. The latter was a bit of a shock (excuse the pun!) as we were not prepared for it to talk to us!

The competition for something red and white produced a variety of articles and was won jointly by Jennifer Williams (magnetic tin opener) and Barbara Jauncey (BHF heart-shaped tin). Members vote by placing coins by their choices and an amazing £7.17 was raised for ACWW (Associated Country Women of the World).

Our meeting on Monday 10 July in Salwarpe Village Hall at 7.30pm will be an Open Meeting with guests most welcome at £3 per head (men included) to hear our speaker Richard Kendrick talk about ’Behind the scenes with a TV/Film Caterer’ and to enjoy scones with jam and cream. There will also be a Trading Table selling books and plants. The competition for a ‘Favourite Snack while watching TV’ will be a written exercise only!