MINDFUL Massage was the subject of the talk at the last meeting by Chris Elmer of Moreton-in-Marsh, who emphasized the connection between mind and body. If a person strokes another, it has been shown to produce good feelings in both of them, not only with people, but if a person strokes an animal a beneficial effect is made in both. In times of crisis the body produces chemicals to aid fight or flight, but if neither is possible stress is produced. So the mind must discard all thoughts of past and future with its stresses and concentrate on the moment with massage or meditation.

As well as performing massage Chris is a sculptor in stone and carver in wood, and he described how in every case his hands follow what seems to be natural paths, creating peacefulness and tranquillity.

The next meeting on June 27 at the Townsend Hall is the AGM and Birthday Party. This is free to all members, including refreshments. Marion, our Town Crier, now a member, will open it, and it is hoped the new Mayor, Dan Scobie, will attend.