FOLLOWING our meeting last week we were given a talk with slides by Manuel Queiroz entitled, 'Chasing the Morning Sun'.

Having just beaten cancer, he felt the need for a new challenge. He announced he would fly around the world, in a kit built single engined aeroplane. He had to rebuild and modify the plane, remove the passenger seat and install extra fuel tanks. He set off on his adventure from Staverton airport and his first stop was Malta, 1,196 nm away. Total distance flown was 23,527nm.Total flying hours was 165 hours19 minutes. It involved 18 stops in 12 different countries. The many dangers he faced included a sand storm over the Saudi desert, electrical storms and the never ending worry of engine failure over the oceans, and running out of fuel. He won the national speed record for circumnavigating the globe and six world records for speed over a recognised course. For this stupendous achievement he was awarded by the Royal Aero Club, their highest award, the Britannia Trophy which was presented by HRH The Duke of York. A truly inspiring presentation for us.

Our next meeting will be on July 12 at WI Hall.