THE entertainment at the last meeting was of readings from 20th Century poets, chosen and read by John Waterer. These ranged from Philip Larkin’s thoughtful “Church Going”, John Betjeman’s well-known and amusing “Slough” and “A Subaltern’s Love Song, three by W. H.veyor. Auden including the nostalgic “Night Mail” and also “Doggerel by a Senior Citizen” which produced laughs from those present. The readings concluded with three of the lesser-known poems of Noel Coward, “Do I Believe?”, “I am No Good at Love” and “Lie in the Dark and Listen”. John Waterer only turned his interest to poetry; along with drama, literature and amateur dramatics, after his retirement as a chartered sur

The next meeting will be on May 23, at 2pm, at the Townsend Hall on Touch, Health and Wellbeing, and on June 27, we have the AGM and party.