THE Offenham Floral Art Society held their Open event at the Evesham Arts Centre on Wednesday 5th April, commencing at 7.30 pm, and what a spectacular evening it was! Attended by nearly 200 enthusiasts, we were there to welcome Mr David Ryland - a National Demonstrator all the way from Cumbria - with his demonstration entitled 'Artistic Licence'. We were spellbound from start to finish!

Just a few of the flowers he used included orchids, roses, alliums, carnations, gerberas and anthuriums - their combinations further enhanced by a wide selection of foliage.

David even made time to demonstrate a specific form of leaf manipulation which he used in a particular design.

The completed arrangements were an absolute joy, and those in the audience who were fortunate enough to win one of his designs were highly delighted.

We were also entertained by David's dry sense of humour, and the fact that he so very obviously enjoys his work with flowers. There was never a dull moment!

You may come across a 'Lonely Bouquet' on the first Friday in May - around the vicinity of Evesham. If you do, please read its' label and act on it, taking it home with you to enjoy. You may even want to find out more about the background behind it's creation.

Our next Club meeting will be on Wednesday, May 3 in Offenham Village Hall, starting at 7.30 pm, and is 'Pandora's Box'. Please contact Sue Magee on 01386 859678 if you want to take part - it's great fun and a good event socially to meet new people.

The cost for visitors is £5 per visit. Membership is £20 per year.