Worcester Embroiderers’ Guild is joining with Croome Court to set up an exhibition celebrating the work of Lancelot “Capability” Brown.

The national body, the Embroiderers Guild, in partnership with the National Trust have arranged to exhibit textile art and embroidery in association with the celebrations of the 300th anniversary of the famous landscape gardener. The displays will be at many National Trust properties, where Capability created landscape designs.

Locally at Croome Court, Capability Brown completed his first design for parkland for the then Earl of Coventry. Inside the Temple Greenhouse the Worcester Embroiderers’ Guild are displaying over 40 pieces of creative textiles and embroidery representing the landscape, plants and architecture at Croome.. Members have used their skill and many techniques to create pieces which celebrate Croome Court’s link with Capability Brown.

The display runs from April 11 through to midsummer.

Images: Capabilty by Bridget Steef- Jessop and Hibiscus Blue Bird by Beryl Higson