FOR me, it was a pleasure to see Arsenal win the FA Cup this year.

Since the late 1940’s they have always been my team. My parents had season tickets in the old Stadium and on occasions I had the privilege to go and see them play. What a team!

Last Christmas my daughter bought me a ticket to tour the new Emirates stadium. It is a marvellous place, better than any five star hotel with changing rooms with every device available for the benefit of the players, a restaurant with a menu fit for the great, and, do you know that the row of seats, where the manager sits next to the pitch, is heated.

To visit the stadium was a great experience. Only one thing was missing - a match. To have a seat for that would cost around £100 and I, for one, am not prepared to pay that amount. I am a supporter of Arsenal who follows at a distance, and who is not prepared to pay the price of going to watch them week by week.

There are many people who see themselves as followers of Jesus, who believe in God, but they follow at a distance, not wanting to join up with those of a similar faith. Also they are not prepared to face up to the cost of giving their full allegiance to Jesus. Remember, it was Jesus who said – “If anyone wants to come with me, he must forget self, carry his cross and follow me”.

Where do you stand where Jesus is concerned? Do you follow him at a distance? Are you prepared to commit yourself to the cost of allegiance to him?

STANLEY M WEARY Retired Methodist Minister