This being our Open Meeting President Val Davies welcomed all members who had travelled to be with us this evening from the Worcestershire area of W.I's. Business was kept to a minimum and the introduction of our speaker for the evening was Mrs Stella Mitchell along with her husband who between them run a large Museum containing both large and small articles dating back many years. Stella had brought along many small items which no doubt reminded many of us ladies of our youth and the sort of clothes that we once had to wear as small children. Amongst many of the articles which Stella was showing us reminded many of us of the clothes we had to endure but of course we knew of nothing better. There was much laughter at some of the articles as Stella informed us of the many amusing items and their usage. Stella could not refuse anything and scoured many car boots and various venues looking and searching for interesting pieces. There was much laughter when she produced a knitted swimming costume which of course once the wearer was in the water it filled up with sea water and would probably come down to the wearers knees. She does not throw anything away and still has a complete tin of Rivita Biscuits unopened for many years and completely intact. Her love of childrens old toys are something that Stella enjoys finding and adding to her collection as well as a complete range of household goods which date back many years. What a splendid evening it had been and enjoyed by all.