LAST Friday my Dad would have celebrated his 75th birthday. He sadly died, suddenly, just a few short months after his 70th. Looking back, I’m glad we enjoyed a special gathering to honour him. We remember him with affection – especially his warm smile, contagious laughter and unique turn of phrase. We think of him often and miss him lots. In the weeks following, for sentimental reasons, I purchased a fragrant honeysuckle. This summer it has flowered prolifically. Every time I walk out into the garden, its perfume greets me, and I remember my dad.

Last Sunday was Father’s Day. Gifts and cards were shared, appreciation given. Yet, it can also be a poignant, painful day - one which requires understanding and sensitivity. For many, their experience of an earthly father has been incomplete, unhappy, even abusive. This can leave an ache and a longing, emotional scars and fears.

Followers of Jesus, none of whom are yet perfect, continue to experience the liberating revelation of the Father heart of God. We may ask what is God like? Does God really care for people today? Over and again it has been the discovery of God as Father - perfectly reliable, unlike any human parent - that has brought freedom and healing. Through Jesus, by his Spirit, we can experience the fragrant presence of God’s love -reminding us of what God has done for us - permeating the very depths of our lives, binding our wounds, giving us hope and helping us to journey on, not as orphans but as adopted children. God’s heart is that we flourish – becoming all God created and intends for us to be – fully human, fully alive.

May you know the fragrant beauty of Jesus, revealing the Father heart of God.


Minister, Pershore Baptist Church