The institutes Birthday was celebrated on Tuesday June 10 by members, spouses and partners together with 17 visitors from other institutes. Carol gave us a quick update on business and then handed over to the first entertainer of the evening, Mr Lintell from Cotswold Magic Circle. His performance had us amused, entertained and baffled. His assistants, drawn from the audience were unable to work out how tricks were done. Angie was a little concerned at the burning of her fiver but it reappeared intact in a sealed envelope! Food was served to a musical accompaniment from Mr Graham Pharo who also provided us with a song sheet for a final sing along. It felt a bit like the City Variety Music Hall. Many thanks to Sue and Sally for arranging the party and to all those who provided the food, including of course wonderful cakes. The diet starts soon.

Audrey Whitehouse, Group co-ordinator, gave a vote of thanks and reminded us of the baton relay for the WI centenary. There will be a display of bunting from the group as Pershore hosts the baton on September 11th at St Andrew’s Church Hall. Even if you are not a WI member do come along, we won’t be around for the next centenary!

At our next meeting we will be hearing “Stories of a Midwife. This will be Tuesday 8th July at 7.30pm in Cropthorne and Charlton Village Hall. The competition will be for a baby gift, old or new. Visitors are always welcome. For further information contact the secretary Jenny Masser 01386 860617.

Diane Barlow