SO, Easter is almost upon us, we are through Palm Sunday and well into Holy Week. Palm Sunday reminded us of Jesus’ journey into Jerusalem, all joy and celebration on the surface but with real fear and danger lying beneath. The disciples knew Jesus was risking everything as he rode into the city on a donkey, recalling the prophecy in Zechariah chapter 9 that a king would enter the city in this way.

Then of all things he went into the Temple and started turning over the tables of the money-changers who were cheating the people, for their own benefit and that of the temple authorities. That was a challenge to the wealthy and powerful as they increased their riches at the expense of the poor, and one they could not ignore. By that action Jesus signed his death warrant.

Who are those he would challenge today? He would be hammering on the doors of the banks in the City, the large transnational companies and indeed the home of our politicians in Parliament, and pointing out how they are enriching themselves greatly at the expense of the poor – in this country and beyond. And if he did so, would the outcome be any different from what happened on the first Good Friday, two thousand years ago?