THIS Sunday will see thousands of people taking part in the act of Remembrance.

Up and down our land, whatever the weather, there will be those at cenotaphs and churches sharing in the two-minute silence at 11am.

Poppies abound, worn by all ages, as the nation remembers those who died fighting for our country in the two world wars and other recent conflicts – men and women who gave their lives to bring freedom to this and other nations of the world and so every year we stand to salute and honour their bravery and sacrifice.

At the Last Supper, just before his death, Jesus Christ broke bread and gave it to his disciples and then he shared the cup of wine with them. He said: “Do this in remembrance of me.” He knew that mankind is so susceptible to forget and therefore we needed a focus to remind us, hence the sharing of communion in church.

Why do we wear a poppy in remembrance and why do we take bread and wine to remember? The one is to endeavour to cause mankind to realise the futility of war and the other to remember the supreme sacrifice of Jesus Christ dying on the Cross to save us.

REV RALPH BOLLAND Secretary of Churches Together in Evesham and District