CAMPAIGN group Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries has offered advice to the county council as the authority devises a fresh library review.

The group has come up with a template on how it thinks the county council should undertake its new library review – which will start in the new year.

The county council will be speaking to parish and town councils, community groups, library users and residents to get feedback on its new draft plans.

The council has gone back to the drawing board after the landmark High Court victory last month which ruled planned cuts to the county council’s library services were ‘unlawful.’ Author of the guidance document, John Holland, came up with the template by drawing on best practice by other authorities undertaking library reviews.

The Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries member hopes councillors will take note of the document. He said: “We are genuinely trying to help the county council. It is to no one’s advantage if the county council again proposes deeply unpopular cuts which fall foul of the law.”

The county’s cabinet will meet on January 20 next year to confirm the details of the draft library plans and, if they agree, a public consultation to gather feedback on the proposals will follow.

Councillor Mark Hawthorne, leader of the council, said: “Over the next month we’ll be looking very closely at this, ensuring we consider the impact of any changes on people from all walks of life. We will consider what the judge said very closely as we take a fresh look at this.”

Friends of Gloucestershire Libraries was set to hold a public meeting last night. A spokesman said the county council had declined an invitation to attend.