SHIPSTON High School has been swept up by a colourful new craze thanks to inspiration from their head of music.

Ukulele fever has taken over the school with children queuing in their droves to get their hands on one of the instruments. Budding young musicians have been spending every break and lunchtime practising the small, guitar- shaped instrument with four strings, which only costs £10.

Even the staff have been caught by the ukulele bug including headteacher Jonathan Baker who has promised he will play in a whole school assembly once he has mastered a tune.

But according to music teacher David Hunt, behind the craze is a serious message. He said: “It has been fantastic to see so many students who have never picked up an instrument before suddenly becoming enthusiastic musicians.

“My hope is that in time many of them will progress on to other instruments and get involved with the more serious side of music in the school.”

In December the school is planning a visit to see the renowned Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

And by then the school may even have a recordbreaking ukulele orchestra of its own.