A PRIMARY School in the Cotswolds has not been paid £7,000 it was promised for contributing to the success of a major Cotswold festival, after its organisers ceased trading.

Big Wheel Promotions agreed to pay Kingham Primary School £14,000 for entertainment it arranged as part of Alex James’ Harvest Festival which ran from September 9 to 11.

Half of the money was paid up front to the school for organising seven bands to play on the Friday evening, including chart-topping 80s band The Christians.

Despite the school saying it has a contract agreeing their fee, it says it has been unable to contact the promoter and the £7,000 has remained unpaid.

Headteacher Ed Read is concerned about the impact the potential loss of money will have on the school.

He said: “There are 200 children at this state school who rely on that money. It’s going to have a huge impact.

“With the national austerity measures, budgets in schools have been reduced. Our music teacher is paid largely by the music festival we do ourselves. We are either going to have to lose the music teacher or take it from other budgets which will reduce other parts of the curriculum.”

Every summer since 2007 the school has put on its own festival in the school grounds which raises about £15,000 for charity and helps fund the music department.

“Part of what we do is support other charities and part of that money we were going to raise was going to towards CLIC Sargent.

That funding has been jeopardised as well,” said Mr Read.

“We upheld our side of the deal and just expect them to do the same. We are still considering what to do.”

The Journal contacted Big Wheel Promotions but no comment had been received at the time of going to press