A COTSWOLD mother was horrified when two of her children suffered electric shocks at a top show near Stow on Sunday.

Marianne Key, who lives near Moreton, had taken her three children to the Eyford Plant Sale, organised by The Countryside Alliance.

Eyford House was named England’s favourite house this year, and thousands of visitors were in the grounds to see author Jilly Cooper open the event.

Mrs Key had taken her children to look at chickens on display when her eight-year-old son Alfred touched an electrified fence and was nearly knocked off his feet. His little sister, four-year-old Harriett, also touched it and received a shock.

Mrs Key said: “It was horrifying. The children were crying and no-one would take any notice. One of the stallholders said he couldn’t help and a policeman said he was only there for traffic.

“I think it is disgusting that this sort of thing could happen at such a huge show.

“There were no notices to say the fence was electrified, but surely the equipment should be switched off if children are about. After about half an hour, we were told where the ambulance was on site but by that time the children had calmed down.”

Mrs Key was given a refund by the organisers and the electricity was switched off, but she was still angry.

She said: “I do think people should be well aware of this incident to ensure this sort of thing never happens again.”

Spokesperson for the Countryside Alliance Sara Rutherford said: “There were lots of other children there and I didn’t hear any other complaints.

“It was a regrettable incident and we extend our apologies to the lady and her children and will make sure there are signs up in future. It was a very successful and enjoyable event and I hope it won’t put the family off coming again.”

A spokesman for Cotswold District Council said there were mandatory safety rules for organisers to adhere to and Mrs Key could contact the council’s public protection department for help.