COTSWOLD Farm Park owner and TV presenter Adam Henson is determined to carry on reporting on the controversial badger culling debate despite his family receiving death threats.

He broke the news that extremists had threatened to ‘burn his children’, to a conference of farmers in St Mellion, Cornwall, but regretted it after his remarks were reported in the national press this week.

His administration manager at the park, Paula Jarvis, said: “It was a comment made to a group of farmers, taken out of all proportion.”

Mr Henson said in a statement: “The point I made was to express my concern that extreme views from farmers and conservationists, arguing politicians and scientists was divisive in the quest to solve TB in the British countryside.

“We all need to work together and there will inevitably have to be some compromise to solve this hugely emotive subject. I am obviously concerned about any threats made to me and my family, but my aim is to continue to report on the effects of TB in an impartial and balanced manner.”

The BBC’s Countryfile presenter fronted a series of reports on the Government’s plans to kill badgers because they can spread bovine tuberculosis.

But despite being careful to remain neutral on the issue, Mr Hanson received death threats within days.

A spokesman for the Thames Valley force said: “We do not think he has reported the threats. We would encourage anybody to report such crimes so that they can be thoroughly investigated.”

The Government is due to announce plans on badger culling within the next month. Animal rights organisations are campaigning for a system of vaccination instead.