ENVIRONMENTAL group Transition Shipston has won a £2,000 grant to build a "transition tower" to highlight its message.

The grant from the environmental charity Artists Planet Earth will be used to make a tower that will display everyday items made entirely or partly from oil-based materials to highlight their impact on climate change.

The 3.5 metre tall tower will also display sustainable alternatives that can substitute for these in the future.

The design of the tower, which will have fixing points to hang objects on and artwork to highlight aspects of "peak oil" and climate change, will be carried out with the help of local schoolchildren, said Transition Shipston chairman Dave Passingham.

It will also need input from professional engineers and artists, he added.

"The tower will be the centrepiece at events in Shipston where the public will be invited to choose objects for display as well as pin their ideas for the future on to the tower, " said Dave in the latest Transition Shipston newsletter.