100 years Ago December 10, 1910 The officers and men of the Moreton Fire Brigade were entertained to an excellent dinner at the Swan Hotel by Chief Officer Howard Warden, who has just resigned. The loyal toasts having been drunk, Mr Howard Warden spoke of his brief connection with the brigade, which had been of the most pleasant character. He felt sure that under their new officer they would do all that they possibly could to keep the brigade up to a very efficient standard. No officer could possibly have a better set of men under him. Mr A F Horne, on behalf of the parish council, thanked Mr Warden for his very valuable services. Mr Tom Horne, the new chief officer, who was enthusiastically received, said he knew he had a most difficult task in attempting to follow Mr Howard Warden as their chief officer, but he would do his very best.

75 Years Ago December 7, 1935 The annual meeting of the Campden branch of the National Farmers’ Union was held at the Lygon Arms on Saturday when Mr Ralph S Stanley presided. The secretary (Mr T C Hiatt) read correspondence he had had with the Council for the Preservation of Rural England, relating to the appointment of “wardens” for the Campden area, and said it would be remembered that several months ago he had arranged with certain local gentlemen to get their gamekeepers and other employees to act as wardens. The badges of office, etc, had not come along and from subsequent inquiries he was informed that certain members of the Campden Trust had been appointed to act. He said he was under the impression that the trust were now particularly interested in the preservation of ancient buildings, etc, in the district, rather than the trespass and littering by picnicking parties, who, apart from the damage they committed, frequently left roadside gates open. However, it had now been suggested that he should meet the Campden Trust with a view to co-operating with them.

50 Years Ago December 9, 1960 Some heat was generated at a meeting of Chipping Norton Trades Council when a member asked if there was any hope of new industry being established in Chipping Norton in view of the present state of the car industry. Mr L R Turner said: “The Borough Council always have a good excuse for not getting industry. Banbury is getting it, why can’t Chippy? It’s my firm opinion that half the council don’t want it here.” Coun Withers said: “I am not prepared to let members here say that the Borough Council are not doing all they can. I must point out that we have not had applications from this type of industry which could take men employees –- women, yes. Of course we all want to see industry here and we are anxious to see all the men in the motor industry back to full employment.” He went on to say that if industry was set up in Chipping Norton it would want something from Chipping Norton as well.