VILLAGERS in south Warwickshire have complained to their local MP after disruption to postal deliveries in their area.

Residents of Little Wolford, near Shipston, are unhappy with the postal service following a reorganisation of the Stratford sorting office in November.

During the first week of the changes, which led to their long-standing postman being allocated a new route, the village only received two of its six daily deliveries.

Little Wolford parish meeting chairman Henry Warriner said the unreliability of the new service had been causing problems for businesses such as his own.

“I have just been sending out letters to all our suppliers. They may have sent us invoices and then reminders and then they will probably be sending the bailiffs round,” said Mr Warriner, who has contacted Stratford MP Nadhim Zahawi.

Mr Zahawi said: “I am very concerned about the delivery issues that Royal Mail appear to be experiencing and the lack of a real explanation from the organisation as to why this situation has occurred.

“December is obviously one of the postal service’s busiest times and it’s therefore vital that this issue be resolved as soon as possible. In order to facilitate this I have written to the chief executive of Royal Mail asking for a full explanation of what has happened and how the situation will be resolved.”

Royal Mail spokesman Richard Hall said: “As part of Royal Mail’s £2 billion investment in modernising its operations across the country, changes are being made at a number of delivery offices in this area. When any such major change is implemented, some disruption is possible as we adjust to new ways of working.”