100 Years Ago May 7, 1910 With the revival of Morris Dancing, Sam bennett, the Ilmington dancer, who is known to many of our readers, is achieving something in the nature of national fame. Commenting on the dance which was to be given at the Kensington Town Hall on Thursday by the Esperance Club, the Daily News said: “The most picturesque figure present will be Sam Bennett, the village fiddler and morris dancer of Ilmington, who has achieved some degree of fame beyond his native village by his participation in the recent Shakespeare Festival. Till 25 years ago the village revels at Ilmington had been carried on almost since time immemorial but they gradually lapsed into disuse until Bennett who, remembering the old tunes and dances, revived the custom four years since.

75 Years Ago May 4, 1935 Owing to the proximity of the Jubilee celebrations, the annual May Day revels at Shipston were curtailed on Wednesday, but in spite of this a large crowd assembled in the High Street to watch the proceedings. The weather was dull and showery, but this did not dampen the ardour of those taking part, or the spectators who took a lively interest in the dancing. A start was made at one o’clock, when a programme of Maypole and Morris dancing was given under the direction of Sam Bennett, attired in smock and beribboned hat. A gaily decorated lorry made an imposing “throne” for the May Queen, Doreen Hooper, who looked charming in her robes of white silk. Her maids of honour were Muriel Bailey, Phyllis Carter, Jessie Davies, Marion Hunt, Hazel Hancox and Margaret Rose. The crowning of the May Queen was performed by Mrs Baring Gould.

35 Years Ago May 1, 1975 Parish councils in the Cotswolds are feeling a lot happier now about the way they are consulted over planning. At a meeting at the Redesdale Hall between Cotswold District Council and parish delegates, Mr R Stuart-Turner (Blockley) echoed the feelings of several speakers when he said relations between the parishes and district had improved tremendously over planning and he hoped this would continue. Mr M Downes (Lower Slaughter) said that some parishes in his district council ward were so satisfied with the new consultation, they had decided it was unnecessary to come to the meeting. After thanking the parishes for their help, Mr Ivor Jones, the area planning officer, asked them to bear certain points in mind when commenting on planning applications. Some reasons for refusal were not legally valid, he hoped parishes would avoid “personality” objections, and nor was suspicion a valid basis for refusal.