ACTOR Chris Jury, best known for his role in TV’s Lovejoy, will be on the airways in the North Cotswolds next week for a special show that will reveal more about the local actor’s life and personality.

In the first of an occasional series called Backtrackin on the North Cotswold Community Radio (NCCR), Jury, who now lives in Blockley, will be invited by host Richard Price to look back on a career that has seen him play sidekick Eric Catchpole to Ian McShane’s Lovejoy in over 50 episodes of the international hit series during the late 80s and early 90s.

Jury has also spent time as a director and a writer and is a drama lecturer at Bath University’s School of Music & Performing Arts.

During the programme, from 4pm to 6pm on Saturday, September 20, he will chat about his career and play some of the tunes that formed the soundtrack to his life.

If people have questions they would like to put to Chris Jury they should e-mail Richard Price at the NCCR at studio@northcotswoldonline.