WET weather hit a Cotswold town's bi-annual motor show and while footfall was lower than expected, it did not dampen the mood. 

The Stow Motor Show went ahead on Saturday and despite the weather, hundreds of vehicles and people attended the event which has been going since 2008. 

Over 150 vehicles attended the event which was split between the town's market square and cricket field, although organisers had expected closer to 300. 

Ben Eddolls from the Stow Motor Show, said: "It was very wet and raining like mad, but thankfully we had the foresight to put down protective mats at the entrance so that cars could come on and off the field. 

"Cars were coming from early on and throughout the show and though we probably expected around 300 cars, around 150 turned out, which when you take the weather into consideration was still a great turnout.

"It rained rather a lot and we didn't have a huge footfall, probably because of that. 

"We were expecting thousands but I doubt we had a thousand, which is disappointing, but the show went on and nobody was down about it, everyone just made the best out of the situation."

Both new and old cars attended the show along with an old traction engine. 

The remote control car circuit was a highlight amongst visitors and both Tesla and the Aston Martin Race Team were at the show.

Mr Eddolls continued: "The show went on, we had marques, a guy singing and we also had a celebrity appearance from Harry Metcalfe from Harry's Garage on YouTube.

"The day did brighten up as the show went on, the fire brigade did a mock car road traffic accident scene to show how someone would be rescued in an accident, and that was very interesting.

"There were lots of people in town, there was definitely a boost in trade for the businesses on the day. 

"I think the weather put some people off coming to the cricket field."

The event also had archery, a remote control car circuit, a bar, and a dog show.