Jeremy Clarkson has called out a UK council after it committed to buy and remove a dairy farm as part of nature-recovery efforts.

Dorset Council has agreed to buy Middle Farm at Higher Kingcombe which is located alongside a Dorset Wildlife Trust (DWT) nature reserve.

The council plans to change its use to woodland as rewilding the area would reduce harmful nutrients flowing from the farm into watercourses.

National reports say that the exact purchase price of the farm has not been disclosed but the council has received a £4.63 million grant from central government.

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Jeremy Clarkson has opposed the move.Jeremy Clarkson has opposed the move. (Image: PA)

Mr Clarkson is no stranger to the agricultural plight in Britain having owned Chadlington’s Diddly Squat Farm since 2008.

The former Top Gear host has helped raise the profile of British farmers through his hit Prime Video show, Clarkson’s Farm.

Now into the filming of its fourth season, the documentary shows day-to-day life on the Oxfordshire farm and the issues which come with running such an operation.

The 64-year-old has taken against what Dorset Council are planning to do by taking to social media and calling out the local authority.

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One fan directly tagged Mr Clarkson in a post on X, formerly Twitter, linking the news and said: “#SaveBritishFarming #NoFarmersNoFood Jeremy Clarkson please comment and platform this plight!”

The Grand Tour star responded: “How on earth can they afford to do this? And why?”

Dorset Council has not confirmed if the cost is higher or lower than the grant total of £4.6 million but did provide a statement to the BBC.

In the release, the local authority said that the current intensive use as a dairy farm was "not ideal" because the area suffered from run-off as well as soil erosion.

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Dorset Council plans to buy the diary farm (stock image).Dorset Council plans to buy the diary farm (stock image). (Image: Unsplash)

A spokesperson for Dorset Council said: “The land is ideally located to deliver both nutrient reduction and nature recovery in the headwaters of the River Hooke.

"Changing its use to woodland or rewilding can reduce nitrates as required and could be achieved with little investment.”

The sale was approved by the former Conservative administration and is continuing after the Liberal Democrats took control of the council following the local elections.

Dorset Council also added that it was supported by Natural England and that there had been further discussions with DWT, which runs the adjacent Kingcombe National Nature Reserve.

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Mr Clarkson recently made headlines after purchasing an Oxfordshire pub which is located close to a former dogging hotspot.

The TV star has reportedly paid “less than £1 million” for The Windmill which is nestled in five acres of countryside near Burford.

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