A popular public footpath is at risk after plans to build 34 new homes in Shipston were submitted to the council

The homes, to be built on land at Hanson Farm with access from Webb Road, will be limited to over 55's and 12 will be 'affordable'.

The plans were first submitted to Stratford District Council by Lone Star Land Ltd in February, but the council has now started the process of deciding whether to grant or deny the application.

Since the application moved to the next stage on June 25, there has been 21 comments from residents (as of July 3) all of whom object, citing infrastructure and damage to the environment as their reasoning.

In a letter sent to the council, Jessica Parker said: "Shipston has very limited access to green space and this development is across one of the well-used footpaths we still have. 

"It is a well-used route by families, children play in the fields and along the path and dog walkers also use it.

"A housing estate across this would prevent this from happening causing the development to have a detrimental effect on the neighbouring amenity space and negatively impact the lives of current Shipston residents."

The homes will comprise of 22 bungalows and 12 three-bedroom houses. 

In a letter to the council, John Fedorowycz said: "The proposed development will lead to a great loss of green space and a well-used public footpath. 

"These amenities are important for the communities recreational and mental wellbeing. 

"The construction will destroy a cherished wildlife habitat, leading to a loss of biodiversity. 

"The natural landscape is an inevitable asset to the community and should be preserved."

The council estimates that a decision will be made around September 24.

In a letter to the council, Jessica Leach said: "There are bats nesting in the wildlife there. 

"We all walk our dogs across that field and I object to this happening. 

"We shouldn't be living through more building pollution when the land needs time to recover, the field also has water and flooding issues."

The developers have cited the over 55's requirement as part of the Stratford-on-Avon Core Strategy. 

Andrew Wilkins, chief executive at Lone Star Land Ltd said: "The site is allocated as a reserve housing site in the adopted Shipston-on-Stour Neighbourhood Plan.

"The proposals are designed to meet the needs of the over 55’s which is a requirement of the Stratford-on-Avon Core Strategy.

"In addition, the scheme has been specifically designed in consultation with the Shipston Area Flood Alleviation Group, to provide natural flood management measures which will improve surface water flows across this area of Shipston."