A group of Morris dancers are set to celebrate their 100th birthday by returning to the Cotswolds.

Known as The Travelling Morrice, the side is going to go on a special parade through the village of Adderbury on Sunday (June 23).

This particular date marks a century since the death of English folk music revival pioneer Cecil Sharp.

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Dancers of the group had personally known and learned from Sharp in its early days.

The Travelling Morrice began its journey in June 1924, when it was a group of young men, predominantly University of Cambridge students.

Their first tour saw them cycling through the Windrush Valley, rekindling century-old folk traditions in the area, where Morris dancing had been a key component of summer entertainment.

The young enthusiasts were met and guided by several veteran Morris dancers and musicians from different villages, who shared their knowledge about the Morris tradition.

This year's tour is the 149th, with a line-up of performances in places such as Bledington, Leafield, and Longborough.

The tour will begin today (June 20) and conclude on Sunday (June 23) in Adderbury.

This leg of the tour will feature a collaborative performance between The Travelling Morrice and Sharp & Blunt, one of Adderbury's three Morris dancing groups.

Of its longest-serving members, John Jenner, who had been a committed member for almost 70 years, recently retired from active dancing but continues to play an important role in organising the tours.

When asked about what has kept him so involved over the years, he said: "Audiences enjoy the performances, and I have enjoyed spending time with a friendly bunch of chaps with a bit of beer and exercise".