A NEW Italian restaurant serving fresh and homemade food has opened in the centre of Shipston. 

Family-run Buon Gusto and so far business has been as expected according to the manager. 

Adriano Desatteo, who has over 16 years of experience in the industry and is the manager at Buon Gusto, said: "So far business has been a little slow but it's what we expected.

"We have changed the carpet and put down a new floor, we have also bought all new tables and chairs. 

"So far people seem to be very happy, the people around here are very nice. 

"We now need to prove ourselves to the community and build a reputation. 

"Shipston is a great town and this listed building is a great location. 

"The town needs an Italian restaurant and here we are."

Inside Buon GustoInside Buon Gusto (Image: Daniel Kelly)

The business is currently working on its website to allow online bookings. 

Before opening, staff at Buon Gusto painted the building black and white to show its history.

Mr Desatteo continued: "We need time to grow the business. 

"It's our ambition to be the best Italian restaurant around here and hopefully in three months time that will be true.

"Everything is homemade, the pasta, the pizza, nothing is frozen and we try to use local suppliers where possible.

"I have worked all over the UK in this industry including in Bristol and Reading, and I've always wanted to have my own restaurant and now I do. 

"I am very excited, it's my dream and something that I have always wanted to do.

"Opening in a town like Shipston is very different to being in a big city where there is much more competition and more corporations.

"We have tried to make the restaurant feel as homely as possible.

"We currently employ seven people and hopefully in the future we can hire more people from the town."

Mr Desatteo's favourite area of the restaurant, the fireplaceMr Desatteo's favourite area of the restaurant, the fireplace (Image: Daniel Kelly)

Mr Desatteo said that he liked everything the menu had to offer but especially recommended the seafood pasta.

The manager said that his favourite place in the building was next to the old fireplace.

The renovations to the restaurant took around two months to complete. 

The toilets are currently located upstairs, however, the business said that it is looking into adding a disabled toilet downstairs in the near future.