A HEALTH and wellbeing business has opened a new studio in a listed building in Chipping Norton. 

Go Supple Soft Tissue Therapy has moved to The Guildhall after the space became available. 

The move has doubled the workspace for the company which now has two rooms including a wellness studio called Cloud Nine. 

Lisa Bickell, owner of Go Supple Soft Tissue Therapy, said: "When the opportunity to move into a bigger premise came up, I jumped. 

"We launched the new studio on April 22 and so far the response has been amazing.

"Previously we had been renting a room above a barber. 

"We offer anything and everything health and wellbeing, so yoga, gong baths, creative vinyasa flow, strength and stretch with energy training and much more.

"So far the peoples responses have been amazing, we have held all sorts of events, workshops and classes, even the wacky and wild.

"We are building and building and it is proving to be very popular."

Mrs Bickell is a soft tissue therapist with over ten years of experience and has been in Chipping Norton for the last five years.

Mrs Bickell continued: "Everyone loves it, they walk in and go wow, the place is amazing. 

"Ultimately we decided to move because we had outgrown where we were.

"It's wonderful, at the moment we are really really busy every single day. 

"Ever since I moved up to Chipping Norton I have loved the building, I just think its gorgeous. 

"I happened to be looking at properties, which I rarely do, and I saw it. 

"I said to myself oh my god I need to take a look inside and I fell madly in love ever since. 

"The agents did warn me not to get my hopes up as the area is for office use only, but it found its way to me and I got the keys on March 1 and now I have double the space."

The new studio offers regular classes including creative vinyasa flow with fluid fox yoga on Mondays, qigong with Cotswold qigong on Tuesdays and gong baths on Fridays.