MULTIPLE customers have been left frustrated after 'lots' of cancellations at an Evesham-based tattoo business that has closed. 

Evesham Ink opened in the town last year and had received 150 five star reviews according to the business owners. 

However, a number of customers say they have been left short-changed and frustrated after a series of cancellations and refund promises. 

Logan Hall was left with a half done tattoo following a series of cancellations according to his partner. 

Sam Floyd, Mr Hall's partner said: "Logan wanted to get a tattoo around Christmas and they were selling these day-sit vouchers for £200 which was a good deal and so he bought four. 

"Ever since his appointment have been cancelled constantly. 

"He was offered an appointment in Gloucester to which he went and the guy was two and half hours late and what's worse is he had to pay, he couldn't even use the voucher. 

"He now just has half a piece on his arm. 

"We have been offered £50 per week and received £150 but that's taken six months. 

"We just want a refund, we have been left frustrated, angry and feel like we've been ripped off."

Jordan Perry has been left feeling blindsided after good reviews from family members and paying £900 from his student loan upfront for a sleeve tattoo. 

Mr Perry said: "In September I put down £900 from my student finance for two six-hour sessions. 

"My first appointment was cancelled, then one more, fast forward to Christmas and still nothing, then I said if you cancel again I want a refund. 

"Now they still owe £460 and that's been a battle. 

"I've always tried to see the good in people but even now I feel blindsided and stabbed in the back."

Since contacting the Journal, both Mr Perry and Mr Hall claim they have been informed that all repayments would stop and that they should now take Evesham Ink to the small claims court. 

A spokesperson for Evesham Ink said: "Honestly it's been a nightmare. 

"Sadly I've got lots of health issues including degenerative disc disease, fibromyalgia, possibly COPD and severe mental health issues.

"I've had two spinal fusions and sadly my health got in the way of our business.

"I've offered everyone a refund but as you can imagine I'm not rich so can't pay them all back all at once.

"I've made an arrangement with everyone and once they are all paid off I'll be happy."

The tattoo business said that it would continue to pay the other nine people affected.

Evesham Ink said that the business owed money to 11 customers.