A FAMILY-run shop has shut down after more than half a century in the centre of a Cotswold town.

A Clarke Electrical Services has now closed down for good in Shipston, just 18 months after shutting down their shop in Stow. 

The business had been in Shipston since 1963 and had been in Stow for 35 years. 

Adrian Clarke whose father started the business, said: "It has been a family business for 60 years this year. 

"Unfortunately due to a change in shopping habits, the business is no longer viable. 

"I was also diagnosed with a major illness last year and it's now time to move on."

The shop offered an extensive range of electrical and kitchen equipment. 

Mr Clarke continued: "My father set up the shop and we have helped a tremendous amount of people. 

"People have shopped with us for many years but we are not getting the same business because of big companies and the internet. 

"Many people now go on the internet and can get things delivered the next day, unfortunately that doesn't work for us, it would probably take two to three days for our suppliers to deliver.

"Everyone over the age of maybe 30-35 has grown up with internet shopping. 

"We have a core group of old established customers, but it's not enough to keep us going."

The fate of the shop was sealed early this year after a slow Christmas period combined with Mr Clarke's health diagnosis.

Mr Clarke said: "I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported the family over the many years. 

"My father, my brother, myself and my son, we would not have been here this long without your support. 

"It's a big loss for the town, not just the bits and bobs or the odds and ends that we provide, it's also the knowledge we provided through workshops.

Between the Stow and Shipston stores, the business has nearly a century on the Cotswold Highstreet. 

Mr Clarke said: "It's a shame and a sign of the times unfortunately. 

"We looked at all the angles before making the decision to close, but it just boiled down to the time.

"We had to close the shop in Stow because locals didn't get to use us due to tourism. 

"I couldn't even begin to put a number on the amount of customers we have helped over the years."